‘Blue Moon’

Porcelain Belgian d’Uccle
Porcelain Belgian d’Uccle

‘Blue Horizon’

Blue Horizon now heads up my breeding pens for Porcelain Belgian Bearded d’Uccles. ‘Blue’ is a Rooster of good nature, extremely small stature, and great type. His color is good and continues to develop. The majority of his offspring are in the show quality category.


‘China Blue’

China Blue is an older lady that created one of my breeding trios. Take her age and the fact that she is molting into consideration when judging her condition. She lives outside on fresh greens. China is excellent in type and color. She has exceptionally long foot feathers for a female – they are just coming back after molt. China has a wonderfully full beard and muff which illustrates the pretty little face of a d’Uccle hen. China Blue is extremely gentle and tame, and a pleasure to work with. China now lives with a customer. I sometimes rotate my older breeders into loving homes. A daughter of Porcelain Doll, ‘Porcelain Dolly’, now heads up my breeding program for Porcelains.