Butterscotch Call Duck & Drake

I was one of the first official exhibitors of the Butterscotch Call when the variety was going through the process of being entered into the Standards of Perfection, and I am sponsoring the portrait of the Butterscotch Drake for the new ABA Standards book. Most breeders, including myself, continue to work on type and size for the Butterscotch, as well as bill length. I’ve had success in getting the overall size of the Butterscotch down to that of most other Call Duck varieties. My color is excellent and my females have strong eyestreaks.

Snow Call Duck & Drake

Although the Snowys remain a little larger than other varieties amongst most breeders including myself, my birds are well-proportioned and have beautiful iridescent speculums – males as well as females. The 2003 hatching season should yield smaller birds since I’ve had some success in getting the overall size down in 2002.

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