How Can I Fix a Chick Leg Injury?

The poultry orthopedic chair has several uses. Some of the first ones that I ever made were for paralyzed chicks and the purpose was to prevent these chicks from damaging their leg bones and joints in their futile struggle to walk. Some of the chicks that sat in the chairs did recover and lead normal lives. Those that died had a more comfortable death. These need rest in a chair until the swollen joint can recover. Often there is skin damage, too, which is a serious health hazard to the chick

Leg Injury chair for bird

My chairs are made of small plastic soda bottles or Pepto Bizmal bottles with two leg holes and a hole for manure to fall through. Remove neck of bottle with a hacksaw, and cut the holes with razor blade or knife made for hobby crafts. Pad this with sponge type carpet liner or cut up one of those things that slide over cold drink cans to keep them cold. Support this chair body in a Kleenex tissue box. Cut holes in this box so that you can see the legs of the chick that will sit in the chair. Often a chick will try to flop out of the chair. To prevent this I place a small sponge over its back and tie it down.

(This answer was provided courtesy of D. C. Townsend – your ‘Friendly Poultry Orthopedist’ at [email protected].)