‘Scotty’ has some of the longest foot feathers of any d’Uccle I’ve seen. The pins emerge straight and true and hold up well under daily wear. The photo to the right is an illustration of their length, although some had not grown out fully yet since his molt. His tail feathers are also not complete in this photo. Scotty is one of the most well-mannered cocks in my coop. This is a trait that he seems to pass down to his offspring. Hopscotch heads up my breeding pen for Gold Neck Belgian Bearded d’Uccles.


These are three of Scotty’s promising young sons still in youth feathers. Notice that they have picked up Scotty’s ‘type’ and foot feathering. The one on the far right is much younger than the other two.

Congratulations to the young cockerel in the center! He won Best of Breed and Best of Variety at Connersville, IN – a State meet for d’Uccles – on December 1st! See show photo:

Belgian Bearded d'Uccle in Gold Neck