Frequently Asked Questions for 'Newbies'

by K.J.Theodore of  Shagbark Bantams

These pages were designed to help out the beginners and Juniors who are just starting out. For more advanced questions, please visit 'FAQs for the experienced Poultry Fanciers'. New questions will be added to both FAQ pages as I see a trend of their frequency. Additional contributors are identified when used. Please visit their websites when links are provided.

First Aid Kit


What do you recommend I keep around in terms of supplies in case of an emergency?

I recommend the following items: Rubbing alcohol, cotton balls and swabs, gauze bandages, Vet Wrap or similar item such as an Ace bandage, needles and syringes, Neosporin ointment, saline solution (such as used by contact lense wearers), Corid or Amprol powder, Terramycin or similar general use powdered antibiotic, nail and beak clippers, Vet Rx, Oxine, probiotic liquid or powder, and a sense of humor. There is a full article on this subject on the general Poultry Health Articles page if you would like more information on the application of these items. Click "First Aid Kit" above to jump to the article.



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