Poultry Health Articles 

by K.J.Theodore of  Shagbark Bantams

New  articles written by K. J. Theodore are published each month in The Poultry Press newspaper.
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Dial 9-1-1!


Come On, YOU Can Do It!!


My Chicken Has a Cold - Part III


My Chicken Has a Cold - Part II


You Mite Want to Check it Out...


No, I Don't Sell or Own Stock in Oxine AH!


A Shot in the Dark...


Skinless Chicken?


The Dirt on Diatomaceous Earth


What IS That Sticky Stuff?


My Chicken Has a Cold...


Cry Me a River...


Ooooh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...


Egg Drop - The Syndrome, Not the Soup...


Dr. Quincy, I'm Not...


Have Your Ducks Been Doing the Backstroke?


Home, Home on the Range...


Keep Your Cool, Fool!


Arsenic? Or is it Old Lace?


Is Your Duck Stuck? Your Hen Held Hostage?


Do Your Birds Need Therapy? (Or is it Just You?)


They Don't Call Them 'Chicken' for Nothing...


Are Your Birds Secretly Spicing Up Their Feed With Black Pepper?


Amprolium Shortage? Why Are You Worried?


What The Heck Are Probiotics?


If Your Chickens Breathe, They've Been Exposed to Mareks


Want to Increase Your Hatchabilty?


Don't Count Those Occasional Unexplained Deaths as Routine



Link to the NPIP website for diagnostic lab locations in each state.

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